10 Green Celebrities Saving the Earth


March 21 is the International Earth Day. This day is designed to remind people that our planet and its environment are fragile and vulnerable, and the people of the world need to be attentive and caring for her.

Leonardo DiCaprio

On this day, everyone needs a bright example of the people, who are already doing their best to maintain the ecological balance. And these are star environmentalists.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the main star environmentalists is Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor has made every effort to protect the environment. In particular, he is struggling for icebergs not to be ruined as a result of global warming. He even made a documentary film to discuss the issue. Leonardo helped to draw attention to the restoration of the town in Kansas destroyed by a tornado. He is currently worried by reducing populations of some species.

2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a vegan, and she actively supports the work of the international Global Green and PETA organizations. She released her own collection of vegan shoes: their products do not harm any animals or the environment. Natalie participated in a documentary film about the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda, with less than a thousand of them left in the world.

Natalie Portman for Dior Mono Eyeshadow

3. Brad Pitt

Another environmentally conscious resident of Hollywood is Brad Pitt. After Hurricane Katrina, he donated five million dollars of his own money to restore the buildings. In addition, he is the face of the world’s first completely harmless shower gel.

Brad Pitt

4. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz leads the Trippin show, which focuses on the situation in the world’s ecosystems. She supports the Environmental Media Association, whose purpose is to encourage celebrities to fight for a cleaner planet. The actress has been driving an eco-friendly hybrid car for a long time.

Cameron Diaz

5. Robert Redford

In the seventies, actor Robert Redford began to promote the use of solar energy. For thirty years, he had guided the activities of the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the most influential American “green” organizations, and his Sundance Channel regularly broadcasts environmental issues.


6. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone has been a participant of the PETA movement almost since birth. She has played the key role in many of the organization’s programs. She is a vegetarian (Alicia even wrote a book about how useful a vegetarian diet is both to humans and the environment), and she prefers eco-friendly transport and housing.

Alicia Silverstone's Clueless dress

7. Kevin Costner

For many years, Kevin Costner has been developing cleaning machines that separate oil and water. They helped to cope with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.


8. Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney is the most famous vegetarian and protector of nature in the fashion world. In her collections, materials of animal origin are not used, and every opportunity is used to promote greater ecological awareness.

Designer Stella McCartney

9. Harrison Ford

For over fifteen years, actor Harrison Ford has worked in the board of directors of the environmental Conservation International organization. He shares regular initiatives to protect forests and animals. To express their gratitude, the scientists gave his name to two biological species: spider Calponia harrisonfordi and ant Pheidole harrisonfordi.


Gisele Bundchen

In 2011, model Gisele Bundchen was named the main celebrity supporting the “green” movement. Gisele is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and supports various initiatives aimed at saving the environment. She has recently founded her own team called Gisele and the Green Team, aimed at the rescue of nature’s children. In addition, she has created a line of cosmetics, which is based only on natural ingredients, and environmental slippers called Ipanema.

Gisele Buendchen

10. Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom demonstrate a family approach to the protection of the Earth. The couple strongly support charitable projects. Their home in London is built without harming the environment and is equipped with the objects from recycled materials, solar panels, and energy-saving lamps.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr