Courteney Cox' Youth Secrets


The one thing Courteney Cox desires above all else is defying the clock and retaining her youthful appearance. The Friends star is 48, on the verge of celebrating her 50th anniversary in the next year, but she is going at it hard not to look it!

Courteney Cox

The actress graces the cover of the New You 2013 first issue which also carries a long interview about her race against time – she doesn’t mind giving out that she uses anti-aging remedies on a regular basis and jumps at every treatment on the market.

“I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable,” states the movie star admitting that she has tried Botox, Ulthera, and laser treatment which she considers to be “the wave of the future” and cherishes a special penchant for. The next step will be Fraxel which Cox hopes will do away with patches of discoloration on her face and body.

Her other methods? Daily moisturizing first, not an easy task to do, for the Cougar Town star aims to get down 64 ounces of water every day. After the easy first bottle, she finds it hard to empty the second one, but says it feels different once she does.

Since a little girl, Cox understood beauty as embodied in her mother, who was a family woman and bore four children. She was beautiful and cared about her appearance; that went for her father too, Cox’s was a family that took pains to look swell. In her interview for the mag, the actress remembers her mother always using creams and vitamins, but not going in for plastic surgery. She chose to age naturally. Hollywood is not as tough about beauty as her own family was, Cox summed up.

That’s why the actress – who is divorcing her husband David Arquette, they have 8-year-old daughter Coco – holds she looks her best without any makeup on, just after a workout, flushed and fresh!


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