Celebrities Who Changed Their Image Radically


As you know, spring is considered to be the season of style changes. But celebrities are bypassing the conventions and argue that if the soul needs change, we must act immediately. Beyonce said goodbye to her lush hair, followed by Rihanna and other celebrities who have chosen “boy” haircuts. And while the singer is getting used to the new hair length, we’ll remember other celebrities’ radical hair experiments.


Paparazzi can hardly have time to follow Rihanna’s changing image – she doesn’t wear the same hairstyle for two months even! Since the beginning of summer, she has added some gray to her dark hair, and has recently cut her hair like a boy.



Jennifer Connelly also seems tired of the tedious hairdos, and she said goodbye to half of her hair length in the beginning of the summer.

Jennifer Connelly

Julianne Moore and Sofia Vergara kept their length, but decided to experiment with color. Both actresses lightened their hair. It’s a pity that the experiment turned successful only for Vergara. As for Julianne, fans urged her to return everything as it was.

Julianne Moore


Lady Gaga also surprised the audience with a change of hair color. But unlike the aforementioned girls, she sacrificed her blonde hair and switched to the “dark side.”


Candice Swanepoel is not afraid to experiment with her appearance either. She also turned from a platinum blonde to a bright brunette. However, she did it only because of the work – for the new Bluemarin campaign.

Candice Swanepoel

Fashion critics have positively taken Emma Stone’s change of style: a copper hue and shoulder length hair relished the demanding public.


Naomi Watts followed Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, adding colors to her hair. The actress dyed the tips pink. As it turned out, she did it for the new role, and is likely to get back to her usual style after the shooting.


Inspired by the new images of celebrities, we hasten to beauty salons!