What Did Britney Spears Pay $3 Million For?


Britney Spears has to make as much money as she can off her new Circus tour because the celebrity seems to be strained for cash now. The Los Angeles Times revealed the data showing that Britney’s fortune shrank by $2.7 million. She spent this much on relentless legal fees.

Britney Spears

Check out more detailed list of Britney’s spending below.

  • $460000 paid in legal fees for the divorce from Kevin Federline and custody proceedings;
  • $113000 lost in a civil suit filed against her by former manager;
  • $26000 paid for driving-without-license;
  • $7000 spent on proceedings related to Malibu property Britney rented.

There are also costs indirectly associated with court procedures. For example, a lawyer of her father Jamie demanded Britney to hire a private messenger to confidentially deliver legal papers. That service cost $4600. However, for as big celebrity as Britney, those costs on keeping things confidential do make sense.

Britney and Money

Source of the images: thehollywoodgossip.com.


  1. I agree if britteny was not chased around by cameras and vidoes all of the time i bet her life wouln’t be this bad, like you’d have to admit a poperautzi on ur ass 24/7 would make you go krazY!!!!!!

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