Beyonce and Jay-Z to Break up?


The marriage weather has drastically changed for the illustrious musical duo Beyonce and Jay Z. Love seems to be growing thinner as the two are torn asunder through disagreement over the subject of having children.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

The Hollywood couple have decided on a “trial separation” to see how things will shape with them further, with Beyonce residing in New York and Jay Z in Los Angeles.

When they happened to come together at a RocNation luncheon event a while ago, people noticed that they avoided eye contact and didn’t look pleased to be in the same room with one another.

Media Take Out’s account of the problem is that Jay Z thinks it’s time they had children, while Beyonce is unwilling not wanting to hamper her career prospects.

Beyonce, at her age 30, can still afford several years’ delay with having kids and put in some more effort into developing her career until she gets close to 40-45 and approaches the border age.

Now Jay Z, who is way ahead of Beyonce in age, being born in 1969, may feel it’s the right time for him to enjoy fatherhood before he gets too old to appreciate children as he should. That’s where the age difference tells – providing a pressure point they will find hard to get round. So, the separation is highly likely to end in a split.

For Jay Z career hasn’t been an issue for some time, he made his wad and enjoys a reputation of an astute businessman and one of the richest hip hop performers. He is running a range of ventures, is in the restaurant business and has clothing lines to his credit. He is also a co-owner of a sports bar that is gaining sway, a place called New York City Sports Bar 40/40, an hour’s drive for Southern Connecticut people on their way to N.Y.C.

Musicwise Jay Z is one of the great names at the Connecticut casino. MTV applauded his recent musical tribute to Michael Jackson that went down well with his fans.

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  1. The question of having children should be discussed early in a relationship.

    People that want to have children should marry people that want to have children.

  2. Oh get off your freakin horses people. Whether or Not, When or Not, Or Even at all, if Beyonce chooses to have children with her husband is HER DAMN BUSINESS!!!! Its not the worlds nor is it yours to judge. Sheeeeeeeesh! What the heck is wrong with you young people. Geat a life and let Beyonce have hers. With all the unwanted babies and those abused, no one in their right mind should be forcing anyone to have a baby until they are Good and Damn ready For Goodness Sake Bloggers, Get a Life of Your Own and Let Beyonce LIve Hers!

  3. Oh get off your freakin horses people. Whether or Not, When or Not, Or Even at all, if Beyonce chooses to have children with her husband is HER DAMN BUSINESS!!!!

  4. At the end of the day it should be a mutual decision as to whether or not a couple decides to have children. Yes it should have been discussed in advance. However she’s not saying she won’t give him children just not right now. These are the risk of an older man marrying a younger woman. However, if she takes to long it will be another Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina situation.  He’ll just have kids with someone else. Neither one of them will have a problem finding new partners cause there are plenty men who want Beyonce and plenty women who’ll give Jay-Z a baby. If it’s meant to be they’ll work it out, if not then it is what it is!

  5. all yall who saying she goin to be 50 with a 10 year old is wrong.If she has a baby right now at the age of 30 and she turns 50 her child is going to be 20 do the math.60-70 her child will be 30-40 so get your math right becaus eyou look real dumb on the internet.

  6. Gezz people! everyone is free to decide what they do/don’t do with their own lives and bodies (yes this applies to married people too!))
    You make it sound like the one and only role of women in society is to have a kid by 30…such a backward mentality!!

  7. sierra, did you read and understand the comments from the beginning? what ppl are saying is that if beyonce gets her baby @ 40, by the she is 50 her baby will be 10. try to take some classes in english language to freshen up yourself

  8. B Don’t pay ANY attention to what people say. Be at peace with yourself First. Damn what others tell you to do. Opinions are like rectums everybody and everything that lives has one. only you can produce your own Poop. Stay Strong Lady.

  9. You’re a ruthless bunch. It’s not about being selfish, it’s about fulfilling everything she needs to accomplish so she doesn’t look back and think “what if”. When she is ready she will have kids and they will be the whole focus of her attention.

  10. Their was a study that said as women get older the better chance for a healthy baby. Also they act like it’s nothing new. Plenty of celebs wait till their like 36 to have their children. My mom had me at 38. I didn’t mind that when I was 10 she was 48. I liked having an older mom as I was going through school. She kept me grounded and didn’t let me just do anything without thinking. In the end it was perfect having such and experienced mom. So this could and if it was like my life, benefit the child.

  11. she doesnt want to stretch her body out until she feels she old ths i is dome one who is used to bing worshiped 4 her body and the way she looks

  12. Um no actually as women get older, their chances of having a healthy baby decrease. The chances of having a baby with special needs/mental disorder (autism, down syndrome, etc.) increase once a woman hits 38. I’m not saying she needs to have a baby because it’s ultimately her decision, but she has a man who loves her all the way down to her dirty panties LOL and she better wake up and realize it before she loses him forever. All he wants is to be a daddy….

  13. Yept, this should have been settled before the marriage and put on paper. Why does the woman always have to choose family or career? Many times, we being women cannot have it all. And this seems likeone of those times.

  14. It’s Beyonce’s vagina and if she wants to wait until she’s 36, 37,38,39, or 40 to make a baby and stretch it out, it’s her decision – not yours. At least she won’t be 30 or 40-something with a grandkid like some of the writers on this blog. Statistics doesn’t mean every older mom will have a special needs baby. Teenage moms and mothers in their 20s also have babies with developmental issues. Modern medicine allows doctors to screen pregnancies for defects en-utero and gives would-be moms OPTIONS. Additionally, Jay-Z already has an illegitimate son with an ex-video model/groupie, so he’s already “enjoyed” fatherhood….lol

  15. Wow…I’m trippin’ off the comments on whether an individual wants to have kids or not. “Give that man a baby…you’re being selfish”….seriously?! How many of you occupy time with then on any consistent basis. None of you know what goes on behind closed doors and it really is not anyone’s business. Besides the fact that this is all rumor until proven otherwise. I really feel sorry for the next generations.

  16. Beyonce, do what is best fo you. Jay Z does already have a child. It is your body and your choice. None of us should think we have the right to dictate to Beyonce about when to have children. Such utter nonsense, coming from some of these people. Calling her name and such. How ignorant and low life can you get? It is not our business.

  17. Beyonce is selfish i guess at 30 and she is not ready to have kids its unbelievable though………..

  18. All of you assholes that are pushing for her to be pregnant are so fucking stupid.  IT’S HER CHOICE- she doesn’t HAVE to have a kid to please anyone, including her husband!  Sure, it’s probably something they should have talked about and come to a resolution on BEFORE they got married, but they didn’t, and here they are now.  She has every right to never want to slow down in her career.  Only obnoxiously brainwashed individuals who are so wrapped up in traditions set by societal pressures desperately want her to get pregnant.  How DARE YOU say she (or ANY woman who reserves the right to do what she wants with HER body on HER OWN TIME) is selfish?!?!  That is downright disgusting.


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