Adriana Lima Got Married


Adriana LimaAn engagement ring as a birthday present and wedding on the Valentine’s Day. Is there anything more romantic? As it turns out, Adriana Lima is fond of romance and prefers hiding her personal life from others. Recently, the world was surprised to find out, absolutely by chance, that she had left the society of brides and became the lawful wife of her boyfriend, basketball player Marko Jaric.

Secret wedding was held on the Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Adriana is overjoyed with happiness and says that they are deliriously happy and believe that their future together will be happy as well. In addition, she noted that this summer they plan to have a grand romantic wedding to which they will invite all of their relatives and friends. They plan to have this grand wedding either in Brazil or in Serbia, Jaric’s homeland.

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  1. Giving an engagement ring as a birthday gift having the wedding on the Valentine’s Day sound too primitive. Especially the gift, it seems to me, Adriana Lima was dreaming of getting married and Marko finally made a proposal – not just MADE a PROPOSAL – but gave it as a gift. Not nice.

  2. I guess there’re too many couples wanting to get married exactly on Valentine’s day, so you should plan it a year before the event or earlier.

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