7 Cons of Being a Celebrity


If you are inclined to believe that being famous is one great bed of roses, you’ve got another think coming. Of course they look gorgeous on the screen and on the stage, but there are strings attached, and some of them are quite strong. Here are some aspects that make the lives of celebrities more arduous than you believe.


1. Unrelenting pressure

Being famous necessarily means a lot of pressure. Always and ever you have to be impeccable, fit and up to anything. You don’t want to make blunders in public. This pressure often makes stars look for the ways to take it off, some of which may not be quite above board. Also, playing a role may prevent them from becoming themselves and, consequently, free.

2. Lack of privacy

When you’re famous, it results in giving up privacy. People around are on the lookout for you, every hour somebody is discussing you, speculating about you, writing about you, and often unfairly. Whatever you do will become public in one way or another. No-one seems to realize when you are with friends and family you want to be relaxed.

3. Centre of rumors

Celebs just can’t fight the storm of rumors that people spread about them. Small things are talked big, events get twisted out of recognition, and people offer their own interpretation of your actions. All those speculations can really derange one because of their continuous onslaught.

4. Centre of Judgments

Being the cynosure of everyone’s eye, appearing on TV shows, social network, magazine covers, all this leads to a spate of unwelcome judgments thrown at you. It can mess up your life beyond any endurance! Expecting constant judgment, you go along afraid of slipping up. Moreover, some of this judgments can be too caustic or downright nasty. Anonymous letters are also rarely pleasant.

5. Victims of paparazzi

You may believe it is easy to disregard them, but actually they stick so close and so persistently as to make your life pretty unbearable now and then. They take pains to know where you are, and your private issues mean nothing to them. It is irritating when somebody stands in your way or in front of your car to take pictures.

6. Abnormal life

You are completely unable to keep up a regular ordinary lifestyle. Other people, paparazzi, media keep interfering with your plans and schedule. Famous people may end up feeling dependent on somebody they don’t even know; it gets one down badly at times. Then again, all this can be fairly scary!

7. Life in the limelight

Famous people just can’t walk out of limelight; they live in a swelter of rumors, judgments, speculations, with most people expecting them to play up to their idea of them! There are numerous celebs who succumbed to the pressure of sharp spotlight on them and broke under the stress.

So, there’s a seamy side to being a celebrity, and it’s quite formidable. Fame comes and takes its toll, you know. It’s a moot question whether fame should be sought after, because drawbacks can outbalance attractions. Sometimes glamour is not so glamorous as it may seem.


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