Explore Beautiful Milan On A Budget With These Light Packing Tips


Traveling is a fun experience that will nurture your soul. With having cheap air tickets nowadays, discovering new places has never been more reachable. Milan is the ultimate travel destination for the people that want to enjoy excellent food and significant historic architecture. The good news is that there are various budget airlines flying to Milan and you will not have to spend a lot of money. But, flying with budget operators comes with an additional cost. Sometimes, checked-in baggage can cost a lot more than your ticket. When this is the case, you have no other option than light packing. To be honest, we always use less of the stuff than we pack. Sticking to the essentials only will result in saving a good amount of money on checked baggage. Most of the airlines today have a free baggage allowance that is enough for up to 10 days. But only if you pack smartly. Before you pay for a checked bag, you would want to read these helpful light packing tips!

Plan Your Outfits

Packing lightly does not mean that you will take your private tours of Milan with the same clothes. Going to the capital city of fashion might sound like you will need tons of clothes, but be sure that planning is everything. If you don’t plan your outfits accordingly, the chances that you will want to stuff half of your wardrobe are huge.

The formula for the minimalist packer sounds like this: undergarments for each day, one top for every two days, one bottom for every three days, a dressy outfit, and one more pair of shoes despite the one that you will be wearing. Choose a casual and stylish wardrobe for your tours. Make sure that you coordinate the colors so that you can make countless combinations between them. Also, light accessories for styling such as a scarf can be considered as well. Don’t forget that visiting the laundromat is a great option as well. You will wear clean clothes every day but avoid additional baggage fees.

Minimize Your Toiletries

Basic toiletries can take much of your precious space. When every inch is important to you, you would want to keep them minimal. Buying them at your final destination is the best option. However, if you want to bring your own, be aware of the liquids restrictions. You are allowed to bring only one liter of liquids, packed in individual bottles that can hold for no more than 100 ml. Be aware that not only liquids fall in this category, but gels and aerosols as well. This means that the rule will apply for toothpaste, foundation, and deodorant as well. This should be placed in a transparent zip-lock bag so that you can show it for inspection. Pour your toiletries into small 100 ml bottles, or just but travel-size packs at the store. If you don’t want to be limited, then use solid instead of liquid toiletries. You can get a solid shampoo, lotion, and even toothpaste.

Pack Smartly

The way you arrange your clothes really matters. Instead of just stuffing your bag, take some time to figure things out. One of the most helpful light packing tips is to store your socks inside the additional pair of shoes. Also, keep in mind that rolling clothes is a way better option than folding. This way you will save a lot of precious space and the clothes will get to your destination wrinkle-free. Heavy and bulky items such as jackets should be worn with you on the plane. Put the zip-lock bag with liquids on top of everything, so that you will easily reach it when it is time for security.

When you bring a carry-on only, be aware of the other restriction despite for liquids. Sharp objects are prohibited and will be thrown away. This means that you should forget about army knives and scissors with blades longer than 4 inches. Don’t worry about nail clippers and disposable razors, as these do not fall in the category of prohibited items onboard. For other specific restrictions, make sure that you check with your airline.