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Beautiful Places. Antonio Gaudi Masterpieces Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was born in Reus, not far from Barcelona on the 25th of June 1852. This Spanish architect from Catalonia created true masterpieces, which are still admired of all over the world. He had his own style, which is certes unique. Geniusbeauty would like to share with you some beautiful pictures showing his modernist individualistic architectual designs and to tell you some interesting facts about this genius.

Antonio Gaudí was the youngest of five children, but could not play with friends of his age because of the pain caused by rheumatism. He was able to walk on foot, but rarely. Because he had to stay at home for long periods of time, he learned his two greatest qualities, which allowed him to perform such architectual miracles – observation ability and analysis of nature.

Antonio Gaudí’s life lasted only 48 years, but this time was enough to create the architectural image of one of the most beautiful cities of the world– Barcelona. Exactly here, in the Catalan capital, Antonio Gaudí realized almost all his architectural concepts. I have never been to Spain, but I hope, I will visit this beautiful country some day. And Antonio Gaudí’s masterpieces are the reason for this wish. Look below, why.

Antonio Gaudi, Beautiful Place 1

Antonio Gaudi, Beautiful Place 3

Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona

Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona 1

Antonio Gaudi, Beautiful Place 5

Antonio Gaudi, Very Beautiful






  1. Antonio Gaudí ‘s architectural style is quite unique and ornate. It will continue to stand out as time move on. It is always amazing how the mind of those who seem to isolated can come up with such amazing works of art.


  2. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed reading it. Just to let you know, Antonio Gaudi died at the age of 74.

  3. i once went to spain when i was 6. the only thing i can remember is seeing his work and being amazed beond belief. i only just realize it was his work i was looking at because we are doing an art project in school about him. thanks for the info. i liked the bit about the rheumatism. it was realy interesting. a lot og Gaudi sites just have the same old boring info.

  4. I wanted to see Barcelona for many years because I love Spanish/Latin culture and Spanish music. I arrived last month there and was amazed at Antonio Gaudi’s creations..he seemed to be so shy and sensitive..while his creations seem to say other things about their creator. It’s such a pity he died at 78, while still being well, hit by a tram in Barcelona..I wish I coult turn back time and appear near La Rambla and save him from the tramway..While I was walking and studying his art in Casa Batllo..I bearly could stop my tears, I could not believe there was someone doing such wonderful things in the other part of Europe..and me creating somehow a ‘marine’ world in my room at home, in Bucharest. Eversonce I came back seeing pictures with Casa Batllo males me very emotional as if I once lived there..I will never forget this holiday, it was my 2011 revelation..Not to talk about Parc Guell, La Pedrera, his house in the Guell Amatller..I ca only say he was a great great genius and I hope to meet him in Heaven after I die.

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