Beautiful Pictures of Winter

After seeing these pictures you will love snow!


Winter is coming to an end. Let’s enjoy the last days of February. There are people who have never seen snow even in winter. The pictures below show the real winter with frost, snow and low temperatures. It’s not only white, dull and boring, like some think. It has many colors and is very beautiful. Just look here.

Snow-Covered Forest and River in the Evening


Snow-Covered Forest, River

Ski Resort

Snow-Covered Trees, Bridge

Snow-Covered Forest

Snow-Covered Forest, Sun

Snow-Covered Road in the Forest at Night

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  1. So beautiful!!! Gb, do you have them wallpaper size? Please, be so kind to send me these wonderful pictures.

  2. Very Nice! 5th one down, do you know where that was taken? The factory in the background contrasted to the scene is really beautiful plus it looks like it is on an island?

  3. Ps…where do you get a comment box like this? I’d love to have a one for my blogs.

    Thank you,

    ps ps.. in my previous comment feel free to remove my blog links if you feel that was inappropriate of me

  4. The photos are amazing. A lot of insight when into “just getting the right shot”.

  5. Living in Colorado, I get this treat 7 months of the year. 🙂 Seriously, people who have never seen the mountains covered in snow in January in person need to buy a ticket to the Rockies right about…!


  7. each and every pic put up here is superb….really worth watching…..hats off to ur efforts..

  8. Hi, everybody! Thanks for the warm words about the pics of this cold season 🙂 I finally found the way to let you download the wallpaper size of these pictures. Just click on the “Download wallpaper size” button. It was checked for viruses (sorry for the ad on, unfortunately I can do nothing about this).

    In the near future I’m going to do this with other picture posts. Enjoy beautiful pics!

    BTW, Steve, I’m a woman 🙂

  9. thanks very much for what you did ,and sorry for the word man ,I download the pics but there ar not wallpaper size except for 3 of them ,and pic number 4 it is’n there ,can you please do something about that ,I realy love those pics and I wanna have them

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