Workout in a Traffic Jam


Movement is life! This statement can be rightly considered as the motto of a modern human being. But it is weird why on earth should physical inactivity be called “the disease of the century” then? The answer is simple. The fact is that we move very little, preferring to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a car instead of walking.


Do You Also Prefer Going by Car?

The car has long ceased to be a luxury item, becoming a practical means of transportation. It is funny, but we usually go by car to a supermarket, located next door. The result is disappointing: the price of convenience is our own health. After all, back pain, lower back pain and neck pain, muscle weakness, shortness of breath after ascending a small flight of stairs, obesity and other problems are the consequences of our sedentary lifestyle, where the car plays a major role.

Do Exercises in the Car

Few of us can avoid traffic jams, being forced to spend hours there. In such situations, everyone tries to get entertained in any possible way: some are reading a magazine, others are talking on the phone, and some people are singing songs together with their favorite singers. There is yet another way to get rid of boredom and spend that time with health benefits. You can do exercises right at the steering wheel. You do not need to get out of the car; the exercises are simple and easy to do. They require just a little time, but by performing these simple exercises regularly, you will help yourself to cheer up, and your muscles will always be in good shape.

Neck Exercises to Do in Traffic Jams

As a rule, the neck suffers most from tiredness while driving. There are a few exercises that can help relieve stress and relax.

Neck Exercise 1

Bring the fingers together and put them on the back of the head. Push the hands by moving the back of your head with some force and then bend the head forward.

Neck Exercise 2

Grasp the top of your head with your left hand, putting the hand on the right temple. Push your head against the hand, and then bend your head to the left shoulder. Do exercise in both directions.

Neck Exercise 3

Cross your fingers and put them under the chin (without lowering the head). Push the hands with your chin. Each exercise should be repeated 5 times.

To do another set of exercises, you will need to move slightly forward from the back of your seat, place your hands behind the back, and bend your head back, involving the neck muscles into action. Stay in this position for 6-10 seconds. Then “drop” the head forward and relax the muscles. Make a pause for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

You can do one more exercise: put your right hand on the belt, and your left hand on the back of the head and try to bend your head forward, overcoming some resistance for the period of 8-10 seconds. Drop your arms and relax your muscles. Make a pause for 5-10 seconds. Do the same exercise with the other hand. Repeat it 3-4 times.

Shoulder Exercises for Drivers

The shoulder exercise looks very simple – it includes normal rotation back and forth. Making a break for a couple of seconds, bend your head back and forward, to the right and to the left.

ABS Exercises for Traffic Jams

While wasting time in a traffic jam, you can strengthen the abdominal muscles and buttocks. This exercise is equally useful both for men and women. Do it as follows: exhale and firmly pull your belly in, count to five, and relax. Do the same exercise with the buttocks. Make 15 repetitions.

The Kegel Exercise for Women

Women should not forget about Kegel exercise. It can be done anywhere, anytime, with no one around even knowing that you are doing it. It strengthens the pelvic muscles and improves the sexual life of women. Do it every time, when you are in a traffic jam.

Eye Exercises for Car Drivers

Another “weak point” of a driver is the eyes that are tired after a long trip. They start to hurt and tear. In this case, there is a special warm-up exercise, which we wrote about earlier.

Do the “automobile” exercise as often as possible and do not be concerned, if you notice strange glances of your neighbors in a traffic jam. The main thing is you’ll be a little healthier and you will not have an annoying feeling that you are just wasting time. Just do not forget about safety. These exercises are dangerous to do while driving.