Treat Dark Circles and Bags under Eyes

There ARE easy and affordable ways of getting rid of under eye circles and bags!


Some people are afraid of doing facial exercises, because they think, facial fitness only increases wrinkles and makes them deeper: “You make the same things, which cause face wrinkles!”. Facial exercises do not cause wrinkles. Quite the contrary, they tone facial muscles and let you look younger without any surgery. The most important thing here is to do them correctly. It does not matter, how good your skin care is and what creams and masks you use, if you do not firm up your face muscles, your face look will still depend on your age. A truly ageless face skin can be achieved only by two regular procedures: good skin care and facial exercise.


Why Facial Exercises are Good

Facial exercises provide blood flow to the skin and, thus, make your skin elastic and remove toxins. You can start exercising at whatever age, it is never late. Maybe you are reading about facial fitness for the first time – it is because such an easy and financially unprofitable, but effective procedure is not promoted as much as, for example, skin care products. For those, who already knows, how good facial exercises are and want more effective exercises or just want to try them, here is one more exercise, which helps to get rid of the unhealthy and tired look caused by the bags under eyes.

Get Rid of Bags under Eyes

The Following exercises help get rid of dark circles under eyes. Some of them are also effective for a good eyesight.

  • Sit down straight and close you eyes, take a minute to relax. Then lift your eyebrows, hold them in this position for two seconds (make sure you are stretching your upper eyelid during this) and weaken them for another two seconds. After this open your eyes widely, stay so for two seconds. Repeat these two positions one by one 10 times.
  • Sit straight and close your eyes. Look down, then in two seconds look up, then, again, in two seconds look down and so on. Make it rapidly. All this should be done with closed eyes. Make 10 repetitions.
  • Sit straight with open eyes. Look down, then look up, than left, then right. Hold your pupil in each position for one second. Repeat the cycle 10 times. By the way, these eye movements are a good eye exercise, for example, for those, who sit by pc all day long staring at the screen and whose eyes get tired of it.
  • Sit down straight. Open your eyes. Put the index finger and the long finger of your right hand under the right eye, right to the zone, where bags and dark circles appear. Make the same with your left hand fingers. Lift your fingers by only the muscle of your lower eyelids. Do not press your fingers too much. Make 20 repetitions.
  • After this eye exercises lay down and close your eyes, give your eyes five minutes to relax, they have deserved it.

Please, do not forget, that only regular exercises will provide good results. Once you have achieved the result, maintain it by doing the same exercises. You can also do exercises helping get rid of lines around the lips.


  1. ok…i’m 57…did not sun damage.i eat fairly well, lots of water. salt baths, cream, rest. lil smokn cigs..lil drinkn, and the secret to my skin is pretty feet…use it on my face 1-3 times a week. i have no visible wrinkles keeps the puffyness at bay. my daughter who is 31 said mom you look about 37. after exfoliat with pretty feet the creams work better.. ps if bags are that bad have a dr remove the bottom fat pads….. the key word to living is excercise…..

  2. Janis, thank you for your question! I am sorry, that I wrote it unclear. I meant the following: place your fingers under your eyes and lift them only with your lower eyelid’s muscle. The index finger and the long finger of your right hand should be just underneath your right eye. The index finger and the long finger of the left hand should be placed underneath your left eye. Lift the fingers, then release, then lift again etc. Make 20 repetitions.

  3. Hi im 14 years old. I have really bad dark bags under my eyes. They are natural and is a genetic. Im not allowed to get any surgary yet so i was just wondering if someone has a reallly good idea that would work. Cause i reallly want to know!!
    Thank you so much

  4. tea bags,potato , cucumbers idk im tryin dem now and i am only 13 years old i sleep like for 4-6 hours cause i have skool and go to bed like around 12 or 1

  5. I have a question and it would be wonderful if you answer back. Well heres the question. how do we avoid getting bags?

  6. Dear,

    I am 23 yrs old girl. I Finished my MBA just before 2 days. During exams i used to be very busy and stressed.Even I had less time to sleep. But nowadays i am free, relaxed with no exam tensions. Please clear my doubt that either the above given exercises are enough to get rid of the dark circles or i have to do something else also?
    i need natural way to remove the dark circles like suggested in the article.

    thank you.

  7. As for Nancy’s question, in order to avoid bags under eyes avoid drinking too much water during the day, sleep at least 8 hours a night, don’t go to bed too late. Stress may also contribute to bags under eyes. If the bags under eyes are a genetic problem, like Alex has, you may just camouflage them using a certain toner.

    Such methods as using cucumber slices, ice are also effective. You can read about them and the causes of bags under eyes in this short article:

    Jayshree, let me congratulate you on finishing the MBA study! You are young now, and doing that exercises regularly will by all means help you avoid early eyelid wrinkles, tone the skin around eyes and train that muscles inside. It’s very good, that you do them, so don’t stop. You can’t imagine now, how happy you will be in some years, if you go on doing them, you will prevent that skin problems all women have, as they age. These exercises will not rid one of very bad under eye bags in a week, but they are really effective at least as wrinkle prevention and reduction. Maybe some suntan could help in your situation or the tea compresses mentioned in the article I gave link to above. Your dark circles may also be due to some genetic factors. The main thing is to understand, what causes dark circles under your eyes and only then look for the treatment. Try to remember, if you had them always or if they started with your exams, sleepless nights or study. Anyway, don’t forget about facial exercises.

  8. Why would you advise someone to not drink too much water during the way? Most people don’t drink enough, and water is actually going to be more beneficial to the skin, than not drinking enough of it. Strange advice for a website to be giving that is all about looking young.

  9. the third exercise, do i place my fingers on the under the eye vertically or horizontally.. and i dont really understand.. am i seposed to lift my fingers slightly by stretching my lower eyelid up (by looking up) thats the only way i figured i could do it?

  10. None of these comments are of any help. No one has any idea what there talking about and should just keep there advice to them self.

  11. I thought drinking lots of water is very good for you ,but said don’t drinks lots of water during the day?

  12. Ricci, this is true, as drinking a lot of water contributes to swellings, it can be seen uder eyes. Especially if you eat plenty of salt, which keeps the water in the body causing under eye bags. Well, it doesn’t mean, you should drink as little as you can.

  13. Hi I am 14 years old and I always have bags under my eyes, my mum says it genitic because she has them but she is 51. I want to get rid of them because even people at school tell me you have bags under your eyes and the rest of them don`t. I heard about the new Garnier eye roll on which will help but I also read the eye exercises. What should I do to get rid of them ? Please please answer me Thanks You, fromNaomi

  14. hi im 21 and have seriouse bags and dark circles and a good nigt sleep every night,ive tried all natural remedies but the darkness dsnt seem to go .wat can i do?

  15. you should drink more water- you only retain fluid of you are dehydrated. everyone knows that. and too much sleep as opposed to too little is more like to cause bags. you need to distinguish between the dark pigmentation underneath the eye and bags. they are entiely different things. dark pigmentation is unfortunately not goin anywhere- its like trying to have olive skin when youa re pale and freckly- pure genetics. but easily covered with foundation and usually not as bad as you think simply certain lights play it up- usallu the florescent ones in bathrooms. bags. drink water to help avoid retaining fluid. exercise, sleep with head elevated, DO NOT OVERSLEEP, and some light facial massage( don’t pull at skin) to help drain away fluid. good luck. but be aware if building up over long time, equally likely to take long time to go away. these things have worked for me, but as it took nearly a year for them to build up, its taken nearly three months for them to disapate.

  16. rubbish drinking water is the key I have been advised by a doctor and drinking to little can cause eye bags and dark circles!!!!!!

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