Nike Hijab for Muslim Athletes


The world of sports is rich and diverse. It unites representatives of different countries, cultures, and religions. Over the past few years, the list of young sports talents has been enriched with names of talented Muslim women. To support the representatives of conservative religions in the pursuit of sports success, Nike has developed a line of special sports hijabs.

It took Nike a year to develop a seemingly simple new item. During this time, the designers studied how wearing hijab affected the athlete’s coordination, well-being, and results. Successful athletes Amna Al Haddad (weightlifter) and Zahra Lari (skater) helped in the studies. Even in major competitions, the girls wear traditional hijabs. So they were able to explain competently what a sports version of the headpiece should look like.

Finally, Nike has developed a hijab made of a registered mesh fabric, Nike Pro’s power mesh. The headpiece stretches well, wraps the body like a second skin, does not restrict movements at all, and is made of breathing material. So you can fully concentrate on the sport, without being distracted by the discomfort from a huge piece of fabric on your head.

Although the new product was developed specially for professional athletes, Nike hopes that the sports hijab will help many Muslim women exercise comfortably and feel free doing this.