How to Get in Shape from Home with GaiamTV?


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So many Internet subscriptions carrying quite useful information are, unfortunately, deadly boring… It goes for the fitness stuff as well, when you come across something and dig into it just to find that it goes on forever in a dull chewing of the same – and you begin to nod off instead of bucking up.
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I am happy to say that all the aforesaid has absolutely no relation to Gaiam TV, an enchanting
(and immensely educational!) streaming video subscription dealing with fitness, yoga, general
issues of health maintenance and personal development. This subscription can be a great help
to those who are always popping in and out of gyms; besides, GaiamTV, a streaming video
resource of more than 2,000 titles, can provide a lot of useful entertainment for those who are
not quite ready to commit themselves to the strain of workouts. Yet, after watching all these
instructions, you may well find yourself pulled in!
Whatever you can think of is already there: Pilates, yoga, cardio, less known stuff, in their
manifold variations, for every bodily and spiritual need – body shaping, getting slim, overall
energizing. It’s all delivered and demonstrated by experienced instructors including Kathryn
Budig, Jillian Michaels, Mandy Ingber, Mari Winsor, and The FIRM. As you browse and look at
previews you can compile a neat playlist of what you need most the way you need it; build it
up according to your time limits, instruction methods and desirable levels. Rating and comment
features are at your service. The whole library is perfectly user-friendly and pleasant to stay in.
So that you don’t take my word alone, there’s a 10-day free trial if you mean to avail yourself of
the award-winning video treasury. If you’ve made good use of it and are ready to pick out what
would serve best for you, the subscription fee runs to mere $9.95 per month. You don’t have to
stick around your PC for Gaiam TV, your iPad or smartphone will serve as well.
Thinking of being healthier and more fit in 2012? Get your subscription, get instant 24/7 access
to Gaiam TV’s incomparable video library, customize it and get instructed on every health issue
under the sun!
If you want to get a yoga mat or a one month subscription for free, you are welcome to participate in the contest. You may read about the terms in contest rules.

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