High Heel Race


High Heel RaceSidney saw another high heel race with the record number of runners – 265 women. Wearing three-inch high heels, ladies competed on a 80 meter race track. Australian Britney McGlone who is a professional 400 meters hurdle runner finished first to take home AUD 5000 prize fund (USD 4267).

High heel sprint is no easy thing. Many participants of this odd competition left the race track unhappy and bruised.

High Heel Race

High heel race is a quite popular sport that emerged fairly recently and soon won many hearts across the world. The first race took place in the Netherlands, March, 2007. It gathered about 150 ladies then.

High Heel Race

Stiletto races were also run in Russia and Germany. By the way, Germans were generous with the prize fund. The winner received a 10 000 euros worth coupon for buying clothes, shoes, accessories and, of course, cosmetics.


  1. These high heel races make my feet hurt just reading about them! I am training for my first marathon in October, and I can’t even begin to think about the damage that could be caused by trying to run in high heels (let alone stilettos!) I have done the quick, little short step dash in heels from the car to a restaurant when its pouring rain. But that’s all the running I’ll do in stylish shoes!

  2. I have heard about this race many times already and i still keep on wondering ho they do that! Its not easy to walk with high heels and it sometimes does hurt the feet…what more when running?! But anyway, i think these girls are enjoying hat they are doing and the price that they will get if they won will worth the hurt and the bruises. Maybe i will practice even more so that i can join in this race when chance come. Hats off to these girls!

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