How to Find Time for Fitness


We are all so compellingly busy. We have our kids, our household chores, our job. We get stuck in that relentless routine of working, cooking, cleaning… Many people are complaining about time shortage. “How can I put time in doing fitness?” “It would take about two hours every day!” But is this all about time shortage? You can as well do fitness at home!


Name a person who would say, “I always have plenty of free time so I can spend one hour a day on exercising (dancing, running, roller skating etc.)”. But we still don’t have any free time, but what we have is our desire to look good and have a slim figure… Or is it your desire that you really lack here?

So first you have to think about what you want. If you dream of looking good, you have to find some time to spend on simplest exercises. It would take no more than 20 minutes a day. In other words, it reduces the whole thing to the two intentions, “I want to look good” or “I don’t want to look good”.

And now we will try to find that 25th hour or just 30 minutes to spend on yourself.

How Often Do You Do Shopping?

Wasting time in lines at the cash register three times a week is at least irrational. Do your shopping once a week. You can buy fruit and vegetables more often.

Does Your Husband Play With His Kid?

You will need just 30 minutes to complete your exercises and take your contrast shower.

Habituate Your Child To Help You With Household Chores

Tell your child a fairy tale or recite nursery rhymes as you do your household chores. By doing so you can keep your mind away from bitter thoughts that you are not giving enough attention to your child. And while your child is sleeping you can spend time on yourself.

Simplify Your Kitchen Routines

Washing machine, dishwashing machine and microwave oven are must haves at your house.

Buy Frozen Vegetables, They Are Fast to Cook and Healthy

Train yourself and the members of your family to have a healthy diet. It is built on fruit and vegetables, foods you can eat raw or cook on steam. In addition, it is easier to wash up dishes after boiling or steaming.

Do You Chatter on The Phone?

Actually, you can do exercising instead. This would gain you many more benefits.

Are You Avid TV-Watcher?

If so, do your exercises with the TV on! If you have time to spend on watching TV instead of exercising, it is time to stop and think whether you really want to have a slim body.

How Do You Get to Your Job?

Maybe you can cover some distance by walking or even bicycle all the way.

How Do You Preoccupy Yourself While Walking With You Child?

Do you sit on the bench as your kid plays in a sandpit? Do your squats, or lunges, or jump rope. Obviously, that would look weird. But it is better to look weird than doing nothing in self-pity. Small chance you can read a magazine or a book through playground noises, but what you can really do is being physically active along with kids.

How Much Do You Work?

Do you love your job? Why do you work so hard? To get a bigger house, a new car, new clothes and etceteras? Maybe it is time to work to live rather than live to work. Your life is not just about working.

What’s most important is to stop complaining about time shortage and do something! And pretty soon you will start realizing how easily your precious time could be spent on yourself.

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