The Advantages of Using a Gymnastics Crash Mat


If you are thinking of taking up gymnastics you may want to learn more about the equipment used. This article focuses on the benefits offered by the crash mats you will use.


Whenever you watch gymnastics on television you may well notice the gymnasts have crash mats to land on when they complete each exercise or movement. There are a variety of mats used in gymnastics and each one is chosen for use in a specific situation.

As the term may suggest, crash mats are used when an individual is in the early stages of learning a particular skill. Any move in gymnastics takes time and skill to learn properly. Even when an individual does know how to perform a certain manoeuvre they may still get it wrong occasionally. In these circumstances it is good to know there is a mat handy to soften and break your fall.

A crash mat is different from many of the other mats used in this sport. It is noticeable for the fact that it is very thick. You may also see them used when someone is learning another skill that involves falling, such as some martial arts for example.

The main advantage of a gymnastics crash mat is its ability to break your fall if you get a move wrong. In the early stages of performing a particular move this is likely to happen quite a lot. A softer mat may still result in potential injury and pain if you fall a lot. This is why a crash mat is used in these situations. Since it is several inches thick it is capable of absorbing a lot of energy and allowing you to fall safely.

Another advantage is that it can give you more confidence to try something new. Let’s say you were attempting a new gymnastic manoeuvre for the first time. How confident would you feel about doing so if the mat that awaited you was only very thin? It might soften the fall but not by much. In contrast that thick crash mat will ensure your fall – if things go wrong – won’t be too painful at all. It might still wind you but that’s probably about it. Since you know you won’t have too much to worry about there is no need to feel nervous about performing something new.

In addition crash mats are designed so several of them can all be safely connected together. This means any area can be made safer with several crash mats in one place. They cannot slide or move apart either since they are joined securely to one another.

As you can see there are plenty of advantages to using crash mats when learning gymnastics or another similar sport. If you are wondering whether you are confident enough to give it a try, perhaps you will feel better now you know you have the opportunity to give it a go in complete safety. That has to make a difference doesn’t it?