7 Minutes of Daily Exercise Maintains a Slim Body


7 exercises a day for just 7 minutes can keep the body in a good shape. That is what the experts from the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis claim.

Butt workout for women

Their study revealed 12 major exercises that allow you to maintain perfect shape. The exercises are characterized by their brevity and intensity, which is the principal factor. The maximum result is now possible to obtain in the shortest period of time. According to the experts, you need 30-60 seconds to do each of the 12 exercises.

According to the scientists, jumping and standing up on a chair (it is preferable to use step) affect the entire body. The same effect is produced by running in place and raising one’s knees.

Squatting down the wall resembles sliding from a standing position into a sitting position with your back to the wall. The exercise helps maintain the shape of the lower body. Squats and lunges are also useful.

The upper part of the body can be affected by push-ups, push-ups with turning, squats on a chair with your back to the chair to strengthen the triceps, and side plank.

The body is also formed by abdomen exercises – the usual raising of the upper body from a prone position, and a plank.

According to the studies, only two weeks of these highly intensive exercises during seven minutes per day will improve the state of the body just as 6-8 weeks of endurance training.


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